An author of:

A project of Rain Project ( presented in Prague 2024

and An International Eco Conference plus a connection of Czech and American independant filmmakers´ movement lead by R.Redford in Prague 

A project of Lech Majewski visiting Prague

and supporting Cena A.´N.´ Stankoviče 2021, PragueSpringFilmAwardList 2021, MLP and 3kino presentation with Lech Majewski 2021

Prague Spring Internation Film Award 2019 /     2019


A participation in:     2016

  Guest service for Kari Vaananen and Kurt Diemberger in Prague and Karlovy Vary 2016.

Eric Clapton´s reunion of his music in Jan Němec´s - this time in feature Wolf fron the Royal Vineyard Street / 2016     2015

  Guest service for the Zerzans in Brno and Prague 2016.

The Summer Film School / Letní filmová škola, Uherské Hradiště, 1998