An author of:

A project of Lech Majewski visiting Prague

and supporting Cena A.´N.´ Stankoviče 2021, PragueSpringFilmAwardList 2021, MLP and 3kino presentation with Lech Majewski 2021

Prague Spring Internation Film Award 2019 /     2019


A participation in:

A project of Rain Project presented in Prague

and An International Eco Conference lead by R.Redford in Prague 2019     2016

  Guest service for Kari Vaananen and Kurt Diemberger in Prague and Karlovy Vary 2016.

Eric Clapton´s reunion of his music in Jan Němec´s - this time in feature Wolf fron the Royal Vineyard Street / 2016     2015

  Guest service for the Zerzans in Brno and Prague 2016.

The Summer Film School / Letní filmová škola, Uherské Hradiště, 1998